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Supplier Evaluation

Making the right choice of supplier for any project is critical for your organisation.

  • If you get it right, you can build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.
  • But if you get it wrong, the results will not only be costly but the impact on the business could be very disruptive.

Pricing is not the only factor in your choice of supplier

  • You might find a supplier that offers very good and attractive pricing, but later you realise that the quality of their products or services do not meet expectations or even there is no after sales service.
  • Mismatches between your procurement needs and what a supplier offers can add costs, cause delays, and even damage your organization's reputation – for example, if the product or services supplied are substandard.

SSL Consulting Services use a set of proven methodologies to evaluate suppliers against various criteria such as capability including technical, financial and organisational capabilities, competence, commitment, culture, control, cost, consistency, etc.

We also assess and identify your organisation’s needs and help you in evaluating the right suppliers who will fulfil the requirements.

We map your organisational requirements against supplier offerings, to ensure that the choice being made is sustainable and in the best interest of the business.