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Vendor/Supplier Management

Vendor/Supplier Management is a necessity in business today.
In many organisations vendors/suppliers are often responsible for deliverables within a project, be it whether you are implementing a new COTS (Commercial-off-the-Shelf) application or outsourcing certain tasks in the business.

  • SSL Consulting Services has the experience to manage and work on behalf of customers, with vendors/suppliers to ensure terms and conditions are met as per agreed scope of work.
  • We help customers add proper governance necessary to manage vendors effectively, especially when multiple vendors/suppliers are involved and deliverables have dependencies on each other.

Vendors have agreement with you but not with the other suppliers.

  • We help identify those integration points and manage the handoffs between multiple parties.
  • As the experts, we know the pitfalls and act on your behalf as ‘the Owner’s Representative” to ensure all parties associated with projects meet their commitments.
  • We manage the scope and the contract while applying change management to the process, providing the transparency required for achieving success.